May 24, 2022

Sometimes a change in perspective can be refreshing.

While I’m on my sabbatical, I’m making a point to get out more and see Colorado’s natural beauty and one thing that’s become clear a week into this is how much a change in perspective can really cause you to look at things differently. As you hike up a mountain trail, the perspective of the peak or destination changes as you progress up the trail. One example is the Manitou incline, and while I've never done this (nor do I think I may be physically able to do so) the incline I'm told has many false peaks, and as you walk up it your perspective continues to change.

Maybe it’s a change of perspective on a problem you’re working on at work, and getting outside for a walk changes things and helps you to see the problem differently when you return. Perhaps time away during a vacation has caused your perspective on yourself or your role to shift or change. Perhaps you see the role you’re in or filling isn’t the fit for you anymore. Maybe just maybe you don’t have the perspective of another person who’s lived a different life and if you listened to them, your perspective would shift as a result.

Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in perspective for things to become clear. Those are the moments I’m seeking more of this month.