January 2020 - First update of the year

January 01, 2020

Well, it’s the 15th of January and a bunch of things happened over the Christmas / New Years break.

Closing out 2019

When I last wrote, it was on my 27th birthday and I recapped the year in review.

To close out 2019, I went to my sister’s wedding in Alabama, then came back for Christmas and took a week or so off without coding. When I decided to get back into the swing of things I came up with a few ideas for things I could build as products, that I want to explore more in 2020 as I have time.

But the biggest acomplishment was launching my course finally: Learn Rails by Building Instagram. I had started off building one of the product ideas, but before I got too far into it I took a step back and decided to try and close out things well by finishing the course.

It took me probably 80 hours of work to build the app (twice), record the course, edit and upload over the past year. The majority of the work happening over my break.

Launching it without an audience my expectations were low for sales, I went in thinking if I made one sale I’d be happy. I’ve given away quite a few copies of the course to some people, and that’s fine to me, I’m just glad I finished it.

I’d like to do more content creation in 2020, but we’ll see what the future holds for that.

2020 so far…

I started focusing on trying to get back into shape, and so my mission each day is to get my gym clothes on and get in my car. It’s about a 15 minute drive to the gym from my place, but if I get my clothes on and get in my car I’ll end up at the gym.

So I’ve been at it for I think 10 days now, focusing on closing my exercise ring on my watch. Right now I just want to build the habbit of closing my rings, eventually I’ll dive in and fine tune my workouts as I build my endurance / strength up.

So yeah, quick update for this one. Trying to finish a feature I’ve been working on at work that’s been challenging for me because it revolves around things I haven’t worked with much. But I’m having a blast and can’t wait for the rest of 2020.